End Hard Water Problems Forever... Without Salt

Eliminates unsightly limescale and actually prevents it from forming

Save $75 - $150 Per Year
On Bags Of Salt Alone

  • Saves money - Less expensive than salt softeners
  • Saves space - No big tanks
  • Saves water - No regeneration
  • Installs in minutes - No Plumber
  • Uses negligible electricity - only $8 - $10/year
  • Gets rid of scale - keeps it from forming
  • Keeps healthy minerals in your water - adds no unhealthy salt
  • SR-1000 and SR-2000 are covered by a 3 year warranty
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - 120 day in-home trial
  • Needs no maintenance

Before ScaleRID - After ScaleRID
ScaleRID 1000 ScaleRID 2000

Which Model to Choose

Choose from ScaleRID SR-2000, recommended for very hard water or high water usage, or ScaleRID SR-1000 for light to moderate hard water

Learn More - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee 120-Day Home Trial

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